New Medi-Direct Website Launches!

Medi-Direct are extremely pleased and proud to announce the launch of their brand new corporate website. With a refreshed look that reflects the new Medi-Direct company logo, the website is designed to showcase the latest products, developments and innovations.

A source of information and support for both existing customers and prospective partners, the website allows users to learn more about Medi-Direct s mission, its values, products and projects for the future.

Clear, bright imagery helps to show off the modern and user-friendly design of the Medi-Direct product range, while key facts and information are clearly highlighted on each page for easy comprehension.

New and prospective customers are actively encouraged to get in contact via the dedicated contact page for answers to any questions they may have. The website is intended as a launchpad for new business ventures, to which Medi-Direct are always receptive.

We look forward to hearing from you!