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Support, compression and variable TENS frequencies to target and relieve lumbar pain

  • Support, stability and compression

    Helps to ease pressure on the lower back and muscles

  • Electrical TENS stimulation

    Delivered directly to the area of pain

  • Multiple treatment modes

    Designed specifically to treat back pain

  • Fully adjustable intensity settings

    From gentle to strong stimulation

  • Comfortable and adjustable

    Strong velcro fastening

  • Backlit display

    Easy to read and use

  • Great home healthcare device

    Leaves the user free to go about their daily life

  • CE Certified

    Class IIa Medical Device

Simple, effective relief for back pain

TENS therapy delivered directly through an adjustable support belt
Our high quality, comfortable TENS back support is an ideal solution for those suffering from pain in the lower back. It provides firm support, helping to relieve pressure on the lower back without inhibiting movement.

Additionally, it delivers electrical TENS stimulation directly to the painful area via dedicated electrode pads. These treatment pads are large and spread the stimulating electrical pulses over a broad area, giving widespread relief.

The TENS therapy is controlled using a wired control unit. This is a simple battery powered device, with an easy-to-read backlit screen.

TENS is recognised as a safe and effective treatment for pain and is safe to use in combination with other pain medications. The device has been designed and installed with a series of pre-programmed TENS treatments to help treat lower back pain. There are a total of 6 different treatment modes that can be selected. Strength and intensity of treatment is then entirely adjustable to the user’s personal requirements.

The control unit clips onto the belt to allow hands-free treatment and full autonomy and movement.

Fits a variety of body sizes and is easily adjusted using the velcro-fasteners to provide optimum fit and comfort.

– TENS therapy
– Single channel
– Power Supply: 3 x AAA Batteries
– 6 x Intensity output levels
– Treatment time: 30 minutes
– Dimensions: 1260 x 190 x 10mm (Belt)
– 85 x 72 x 31mm (Control unit)
– Weight: 50g without batteries (Control unit)
– CE marked class IIa Medical Device