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A topical gel to provide instant, cooling relief for sore and aching muscles and joints.

  • Rapid Relief

    Instant cooling sensation

  • Powerful Performance

    Long-lasting effect

  • Ideal for Retail

    Great performance in pharmacies and health retail

  • Big Value

    Large 200ml tube

Product Description

Cooling and Soothing gel

For easy and rapid cooling relief, paingone FREEZE is a topical gel that can be applied directly to the area it is needed. This non-greasy, water-based formula gives an immediate cooling sensation to aching, swollen joints and muscles.

A powerful cryotherapeutic effect is delivered thanks to isopropyl alcohol. This works quickly to provide cooling relief over the whole area the gel is applied.

Suitable for self-treatment, whether at rest or for exercise and rehabilitation, Paingone FREEZE is fast and easy to apply and quickly lets you get back to your day.

Scented with a refreshing menthol fragrance, Paingone Freeze is currently available as a 200ml tube.

Apply by itself, or after using the Paingone device, up to a maximum of 4 times per day.