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Wearable, effective pain relief

  • Great for treating larger areas

    Back, shoulders, thighs

  • Programmed

    Automatically turns off after 15-minutes therapy of stimulating pulses

  • High quality electrode pads

    Last up to 45 days

  • Discreet

    Designed to be worn under clothing

  • Convenient

    Wire-free and portable

  • CE Certified

    Class IIa Medical Device


Wearable, Drug-Free Pain Relief

Paingone Easy is a portable, wireless TENS device for pain relief.

It emits soothing electrical pulses that help to reduce and alleviate pain.

Paingone Easy is designed to be worn under clothing. Wear it all day and manage your pain, as and when you need it.

With just two buttons, this is TENS therapy at its simplest and most accessible.

Relief has never been so easy!