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Naturally improves your posture from the minute you start wearing it

  • Immediate Results

    Improves your posture instantly

  • Simple to Use

    Wear like clothing and get on with your day!

  • Use & Wear everywhere

    Use at home, office, in the car, etc

  • Comfortable

    No restriction of movement

  • Stretch, Strengthen, Stabilise

    Optional targeted exercises tone and strengthen for better posture

  • Available in adult and child sizes

    Suitable for Every Body

  • For all physical abilities

    Available in different strengths also for more active users

Improve Your Posture with PostureMedic

Learn, use and graduate at your own pace!

The PostureMedic is a posture-correcting device designed to help overcome poor posture habits and retrain the body to stand up straight from the minute you start wearing it.

It improves your range of motion and trains key muscles that create postural support. This helps you to straighten up and stand tall naturally and with immediate results.

Simply worn like an item of clothing, PostureMedic encourages the body to maintain good posture from the moment it is put on.

Additionally, and uniquely, PostureMedic can also be used to perform a series of targeted exercises that stretch, strengthen and stabilise the tonic and phasic muscles, further improving overall posture.
Poor posture can dramatically affect your overall health and wellbeing. By wearing the PostureMedic you may:

– Reduce pain in your back and neck

– Increase blood flow to and from the heart

– Reduce blood pressure and increase circulation

– Improve breathing and diaphragm function

– Reduce stress on lower and upper back Increase range of motion

– Reduce fatigue and positively impact sleep

Dr. Sherrie Kjar ā€“ Kjar Chiropractic

ā€œI recommend this product to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their posture or simply have better posture throughout the day. I personally wear mine every day while Iā€™m at the computer taking care of business. What a great product.ā€

Original Strength
RED (Small)
GREEN (Medium)
YELLOW (Large)
BLACK (X-Large)

PLUS Strength
PURPLE (Small)
BLUE (Medium)
SILVER (Large)
ORANGE (X-Large)