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Simple, rapid assessment of vascular condition, heart rate and blood oxygen levels

  • Rapid and Reliable

    Measures blood oxygen level, heart rate & arterial condition in seconds

  • Displays vascular health

    Unique visual representation of venous condition

  • For consumers and professionals alike

    Ideal for those concerned about their everyday vein health

  • Easy to use

    For children and adults alike

  • Easy to read

    Bright organic LED display

  • Can aid early diagnosis of arteriosclerotic diseases

    Through reliable monitoring

  • Compact and portable

    Lanyard included

Reliable, rapid and portable

Check your vascular health in an instant wherever you are

More and more people realize that vascular health is an important indicator of a healthy lifestyle which influences the inner well-being.  With the Vascular Monitor, vein health can be checked in a minute and without visiting a hospital.

The device provides a rapid assessment of your vascular condition by monitoring oxygen levels (SpO2), heart rate and pulse strength. It uses this data to provide a simple visual indication of your overall vascular health.

Simply place a finger in the Vascular Health Check Monitor and it uses harmless and painless beams of light to assess vein health. It is completely non-invasive and its special design ensures that it works in almost any light conditions.

The integral sensor and design mean it can be used on children or adults. It can aid early diagnosis and prevention of arteriosclerotic diseases through constant monitoring.

National Taiwan University:
Clinical trial protocol of the Vascular Health Check Monitor:

“In summary, this study indicates that the APG index of Rossmax SB200 finger-tip graphics acceleration pulse oximeter is relevant to the coronary heart disease in the sense of artery clog and thickness, especially the measurement reading from the left hand, that is, on the left middle finger and left hand in average”

The Netherland’s Heart Journal:
Raquel P. Amier on cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging:

“Pulse Wave Velocity (PMV) as assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) is reliable, feasible and has high potential as an arterial stiffness marker. Small studies in patients at risk for (further) aortic dilatation show normal PWV to indicate absence of increased aortic diameter, which might improve cardiovascular risk stratification … Ideally, if PWV improves our current risk stratification, high-risk patients can be referred for surgical intervention timely, and low-risk patients can be deferred safely”

– Weight: 37g (excluding battery)
– Size: 63.5 x 34 x 35 mm
– Wavelength of red LED : 660nm
– Infrared LED: 905/880nm with maximum optical output power: 4mW.
– Battery: 2 “AAA” Alkaline batteries
– Battery life: approximately 16 hours
– Product Life: warranty for 1 year
– Treatment duration: 30 seconds to 2 minutes
– Maintenance: No significant maintenance required
– Accessories: None require
– CE Marked